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Note: in January of 2019, Craftsy became Bluprint.

I'm thrilled to be part of the Bluprint team! Their editing and spot on camerawork make classes really fun and easy to understand. My classes were a blast to create and I'm thrilled to share 20 years of teaching experience with you.

Purchase these classes individually to watch online over and over again at your leisure (in your jammies or otherwise). You have access to me, the teacher, as well! Simply type in questions as you watch the class. I'll log in frequently and post answers. You may share photos of class projects and see photos from others as well. It's all really great fun!

Bluprint's production team allowed me to be my silly self, so I promise you won't get bored with the presentation. I've included shots of many of my favorite quilts to inspire you as well. Join me to learn to how to make your quilts even more personal and to add more quilting techniques to your repertoire so every step of quilt making is great fun!

The Perfect Finish: How to Bind a Quilt

"How to Bind a Quilt" begins with plain and perfect bindings and works up to spectacular bindings worthy of your most cherished heirloom or show quilts.

Here's what one student has to say about "How to Bind a Quilt":                                           

"Resolved!" – by Roxi.bee1 on August 21, 2016

"This class resolved so many issues for me such as squaring up, quilting prep, and basic binding. Thought I was doing it right but now it's just better. The real treat, the whip cream and cherry on top, is all the specialty binding techniques; piping, binding non square quilts, prairie points and of course the beading. Susan's teaching style is down to earth, authentic, and flows. You kinda feel like she's live. Thank you, thank you."

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Creative Quilting: Alternatives to Free Motion

"Creative Quilting: Alternatives to Free Motion" empowers quilters with several techniques for marking and quilting quilts by machine and by hand.

Here's a review of "Creative Quilting: Alternatives to Free Motion":

"Learned So Much!" - by RoseBeal on September 2, 2016

Another fabulous class from Susan Cleveland! I am an experienced quilter (20+ years), and I learned so much from this class: materials, techniques, and design process. One of the things I loved was Susan's techniques for combining machine and handwork. I also really appreciate her insight that some quilts simply call for less quilting. The intensive quilting often featured by free-motion quilters may not suit the quilt or my taste and, as Susan says, "THAT'S OKAY!" Couldn't recommend this course more highly. In fact, I'm about to call my mom to tell her it's a must-see. :)

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