Finger Cots (S, M, L)

Finger Cots (S, M, L)


Bohin finger cots, package of two

As seen on my Bluprint class and DVD, "How to Bind a Quilt"

Please note these are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

This is one of my favorite products! It takes much less pinch strength to pull a needle when wearing a finger cot on the index finger pulling the needle. It's amazing! I don't pick up a hand sewing needle without one of these on. They last a long time too. I keep one at home and one in my travel sewing kit.

There are holes in the rubber so your finger can breathe without sweating and a tear-out portion that can be removed to accommodate long fingernails.

I also use one on my non-sewing hand's thumb to hold binding in place as I'm sewing it to the quilt's back. I use a medium on my sewing index finger and a large on my non-sewing thumb.

I understand these are also great for gripping a quilt during machine quilting.

Save the health of your hands and arms. Wear a finger cot!


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