Disappearing Dresdens pattern, Dresden ruler, Prairie Pointer

Disappearing Dresdens pattern, Dresden ruler, Prairie Pointer

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technique as seen on episode #2308 on www.TheQuiltShow.com

  • Disappearing Dresdens pattern

  • Dresden ruler

  • Prairie Pointer tool

This item is discontinued and the pattern is now included in the NEW Dynamic Dresdens book! It will be available online in mid-November. I’ve also designed two new Dresden rulers (18 degree and 30 degree) which will be available about the same time. If you’d like to be notified when these are available, please sign up for my newsletter on the home page. newsletter sign-up

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Disappearing Dresdens pattern

Pattern is for wall quilt 27"x 24"

This contemporary spin on a traditional favorite is made easier by eliminating the need for an applique center. I finish the narrow end of each Dresden wedge just like the wide end so a center is unnecessary! I left my Dresden points 3D, but you certainly could stitch them down if you prefer.

Instructions are written to cut Dresden wedges with or without a specialty Dresden ruler and tips are given to turn points with the Prairie Pointer tool. These tools make creating perfect double-pointed wedges quite easy, but this project certainly can be made without specialty tools.

As another twist, I've written the instructions so Dresden arcs are pieced on to a fabric foundation. This makes the units so much more accurate. The foundation also prevents background fabrics from shadowing through.

Complete arcs are simply basted in place until the quilt is layered, then they are securely stitched in place during quilting. I quilted in the ditch between wedges, flipped up a point, travelled to the next ditch, and so on. It worked beautifully!

6 pages with full color-

The EZ Quilting Dresden ruler makes cutting Dresden wedges quick and the Prairie Pointer tool makes turning Dresden points easy. My preferred thread for quilting in the ditch so stitches don't show is WonderFil InvisaFil #100 poly with a 60/8 Microtex needle and regular 50 or 60wt cotton thread in the bobbin.

Watch my video to see how easy this is! This video shows piecing wedges without the foundation mentioned above. I'll update the video when I'm able.

Dresden ruler

The EZ Quilting Dresden ruler is an 18 degree wedge ruler. Of course wedges may be cut with a template instead, but this ruler saves valuable time and can be used for any Dresden design or pattern. My Dresden patterns show this ruler in the cutting instructions. Use your extra time to make more!

Prairie Pointer tool

The Prairie Pointer tool was designed for creating prairie points and it turns out it's equally fabulous at creating nice pointy points on Dresden wedges!

After sewing across the end of the Dresden wedge, I place the wedge on a pressing surface and slip the PP tool into the point of the wedge to finger press the seam open and flatten the little "hat" at the point. I then use my finger to turn the point right side out, place it back down on the pressing surface and slip the PP tool in to poke the point out. I place the iron over the point and immediately slip the tool out so it doesn't get hot. It's really wonderful!

U.S. Patent No. 8,393,093 B2
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