DVD - Craftsy/Bluprint class - Creative Quilting: Alternatives to Free Motion

DVD - Craftsy/Bluprint class - Creative Quilting: Alternatives to Free Motion

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There are so many ways to quilt a quilt. We all know about fine hand quilting and free-motion, but for many years I've been making award-winning quilts with other quilting techniques! 

When I first started quilting, I had lots of questions but most instruction was for free-motion. Well, I'll be the first to admit that free-motion quilting (although beautiful) is not my cup of tea! I really stink at it too so I had to find other ways to quilt my quilts. It turns out there are SO many techniques to use both by machine and by hand. Every now and then a new idea pops up and I need to try it. I'm sure this class will spark some new ideas for you too! Of course if you have free-motion skills, then all of this may be added to that impressive "tool belt".

In this DVD you'll receive almost 2 hours of instruction with really great camera work so you can see every detail. All of these techniques are appropriate for simple (yet fabulous quilts) as well as heirloom pieces and show-stoppers. Here's what's included:

  • Getting a professional finish (preparing the quilt sandwich)
  • Quilting in the ditch (giving a quilt good bones)
  • Simple designs with big thread
  • Big stitch hand quilting
  • Beyond the basics (decorative stitches, couching, bobbin quilting, twisted thread illusion, beads, sequins, Morse-code quilting, seed stitch & more)
  • Putting it all together (deciding what to stitch where, trunk show of my favorite quilts)
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