DVD - Craftsy Class - The Perfect Finish: How to Bind a Quilt

DVD - Craftsy Class - The Perfect Finish: How to Bind a Quilt

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Give your quilts the flawless finish they deserve! Confidently complete any project with beautiful binding and perfect piping. It'’s easier than you think!

I've been teaching binding techniques for nearly 20 years and I'm thrilled to see students enjoy the grand finale of their quilts. It's always been my favorite part of creating a quilt and I see it as the last chance to make an impact. Don't worry though, if you simply want a nice clean finish to your quilts, I cover a plain and perfect binding too. Preparing the quilt for binding is often overlooked and makes a tremendous difference with the outcome! This step of the process is getting rave reviews from students and it's quite an eye-opener.

This DVD includes 2.5 hours of instruction with fabulous camera work so you can see up close every detail of what I'm doing. Here are some of the techniques included:

Preparing the quilt for a successful finish

Plain and perfect binding

Finishing the back like a pro (by hand or machine)

Creating perfect tiny piping

Applying piping and binding

Creative bindings: angles, curves, double piping & more

More creative bindings: prairie points, trims & threads

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