Freezer paper sheets

Freezer paper sheets


50 sheets of 8.5" x 11" 54lb. freezer paper

This paper is a little bit heavier that what comes on rolls from the grocery store and it is nice and flat. (I get frustrated dealing with the curl from the roll. Geesh.) I use it for many tasks in quilt making such as:

  • Iron shapes on quilt sandwich to quilt around
  • Show piping placement in my Piping Hot Curves technique
  • Determine sewing line for precision piecing
  • Show sewing lines for my Marvelous Miters technique
  • Iron traced shapes to felted wool to show cutting lines

Always use a dry iron when pressing/ironing freezer paper.

Please be aware that the first time it is ironed, freezer paper shrinks just a wee bit. If it's important that the shape you're using stays perfect, iron the freezer paper to your pressing surface before marking on it and cutting out the shape

These sheets may be run through an inkjet printer (before or after pre-shrinking). Please don't put them through a laser printer unless you intend to purchase a new one right away. The heat in a laser printer will melt the waxy substance and make a mess.

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