Spagetti SPB3 Neutrals

Spagetti SPB3 Neutrals

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WonderFil Spagetti 12wt cotton thread, eight spool set

This beautiful, smooth, heavy decorative thread may be stitched through a machine's needle or by hand. It is tightly twisted and nearly lint-free so machines love it. In my classes I've seen all brands of machines stitch beautifully with this thread. It's amazing!

  • Quilt bold lines by machine or hand
  • Embellish by machine or hand
  • Applique by machine or hand
  • Redwork
  • Wool applique
  • Pick stitch fine garments

Tips for success: Stitch slowly with a 100/16 topstitch needle and regular 50 or 60wt cotton thread in the bobbin. I try the 90/14 topstitch needle first because I prefer to poke the smallest hole possible but if that doesn't give good results, I use the 100/16 topstitch needle. Top tension may need to be loosened (set to a lower number). Start with a straight stitch of 3.5mm in length and then experiment with various lengths/widths and stitch patterns to learn your preferences. Simple stitch patterns show off this thread the best!

full-spool set, $58: 400m (440yds) per spool

half-spool set, $36: 200m (220yds) per spool

Neutrals SPB3 includes these eight colors:

#100 white
#18 Light grey taupe
#19 Medium grey taupe
#20 Dark brownish taupe
#21 Caramel
#22 Army Green
#23 Rust
#103 Vanilla
Many colors and combinations are available here.

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