Secrets of Impeccable Piecing (with tool)

Secrets of Impeccable Piecing (with tool)


Secrets of Impeccable Piecing 16-page booklet & Quilter's Custom Seam Tool

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Learn a plethora of ways to increase the accuracy of piecing quilts! I love precision piecing and have spent a great deal of time developing lots of little tips to give quilters greater success. These tips are not difficult and there are lots of them! Absorb as much as you're ready for then re-read the booklet later to implement a few more ideas.


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Here are two of the biggest ideas shared in Secrets of Impeccable Piecing:

  1. Use all the feed dogs on your sewing machine! Unless you're sewing on a Featherweight, your fabric is not totally covering (or in some cases even touching) the right feed dog. This is like driving with your right wheels in the mud. How can the machine possibly feed fabrics through straight in this situation? It can't! I have the answer!
  2. The perfect 1/4" seam allowance is a moving target depending on the thickness of your fabric and thread! Because of the "turn of the cloth", a different seam allowance is required for tightly woven batiks, commercial prints, hand-dyed fabrics, and homespuns. I'll teach you how to determine the accurate seam allowance for your fabrics and thread!